Are you bored with Bible Study?

Are you bored with Bible Study?

In 2013 Today’s Christian Women’s editor Kelli B. Trujillo brings up a topic to which some of us can relate to: “Bored with Bible Study?“ Trujillo wants to know if anyone has ever been in a small group meeting where either no one talks or the opposite, one person does all the talking, and wished that it would be more exciting.

Even she has to confess that some times she had been bored as well but at the same time also gives great advice on how to take Bible Study to the next level. Because it is not supposed to feel like being back at school but should encourage people to want to engage with the Bible, right?

In 2013, however, the Wiedmann Bible was not discovered yet and still kept hidden in an attic in Germany. In 3,333 images it depicts the complete Old and New Testament. Meaning: You can experience the Word of God visually which brings more dynamics into your study group.

You can either discuss what you see and use the Scriptures afterwards or atthe same time. It is absolutely up to you. You can either use the App or even enter the Garden of Eden through the Virtual Reality. Our mission is to engage more people in studying the Bible.

Did you know that you can use the Wiedmann Bible’s images at no costs at your church or Bible Study once you have downloaded the app? You can even share them on Social Media. What are you waiting for?

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Read the full article by Kelli B. Trujillo here: Bored with Bible Study?