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The longest Bible in the world in the new c-dot Münsterforum
Freiburg. The c-Punkt MÜNSTERFORUM shows from September 14th the only complete painted and longest Bible in the world - the Wiedmann Bible. The...
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Frankfurt “Treasures of the Bible House” from ancient to rich in images
Special exhibition in the Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum Frankfurt from February 4th to June 30th Frankfurt am Main. The special exhibition “Treasures of...
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Handover of the Bible to the Balingen town church
On the occasion of the works exhibited by Willy Wiedmann in the Rathaus-Galerie and the town church of Balingen, the town parish...
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Tour of world’s longest Bible in the works
In order to allow everyone to experience the words of Christ in the fullest way, the world's longest illustrated Bible has been created. The Wiedmann...
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The Wiedmann Bible Foundation Promotes World’s Largest Painted Bible
A new foundation has been launched with the aim to artfully engage people with the Holy Scriptures through artistic expressions. The Wiedmann Bible...
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New Foundation Promotes World’s Largest Painted Bible
The Wiedmann Bible Foundation wants everyone to experience it in new ways, transcending all languages. They do so through the only existing...
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