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The Old and New Testament in 3,333 images.
Painted by one artist over the period of 16 years.
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Meet the multi-talented man behind this unique artwork: Willy Wiedmann.
He was a musician, composer, visual artist, muralist, gallery owner, and curator.
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About the Wiedmann Bible

Old and New Testament in 3,333 images

Despair, bliss, gratitude, love and hope. When he converted the written text of the Bible into a visual narrative, the artist experienced various emotional states. He pored over the words and used different translations in order to aid his understanding.

This unique piece of art is the only visual narrative of the complete Bible. It was named after the Stuttgart-based artist Willy Wiedmann (1929-2013). For 16 years, he worked on the Leporello, which is almost a mile (1,2 km) long. Wiedmann did not have the opportunity to publish his work. Therefore, he buried his dream and the Bible in the attic of his gallery. Here his son, Martin Wiedmann, discovered it after his father’s death. Since 2015, the Wiedmann Bible is on its way to fulfill its mission: to share the Bible with everyone and to visually engage people with it, thus giving them a new way to access and understand it.

About us

The Wiedmann Bible Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
It is our understanding that art provides a perfect tool to experience the Gospel. It shapes the imagination of faith communities and enables people to become engaged in the story of the Bible. The art of this visual narrative is such a tool, especially for those who prefer visual learning or are afraid to read the Bible. The foundation also wants to honor the legacy of Willy Wiedmann by publishing his masterpiece, the Wiedmann Bible, in all forms. We encourage people to do as he did: create greatness with the talents you have been given, even if it seems impossible! The Foundation will have tours within the country and worldwide, where people can gather and have the opportunity to experience the visual narrative of the Holy Scriptures as well as worship and enjoy God’s word in pictures. Future exhibitions are planned, i.e., in Museums, Town Halls, Stadiums, Concert Halls, and all venues that are helpful to fulfill its mission and its vision. As well as a Wiedmann Bible in English and other languages.

Mission Statement

Our Cause
The Wiedmann Bible Foundation’s mission is to artfully engage people with the Bible through artistic expressions, for all to experience it in new ways, transcending all languages.

The Wiedmann Bible on YouVersion

YouVersion Bible App users love the Wiedmann Bible prayer plans. They are available in many different languages. Ten thousands have already subscribed to the Wiedmann Bible’s prayer plans.

The Artist

Musician, Composer, Visual Artist, Church Painter, Gallery Owner, Curator
"Hence the desire fuelled to paint, as I know today, the greatest work human mankind has ever created."
– Willy Wiedmann
„Hence the desire fuelled to paint, as I know today, the greatest work human mankind has ever created.“
– Willy Wiedmann
Wilhelm Richard Heinrich “Willy” Wiedmann (1929-2013) was blessed with multiple talents. Under various pseudonyms, he exhibited in national and international galleries and played for world-famous celebrities such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, etc. For decades, Wiedmann ran a gallery in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt, which in the meantime has reopened as “Gallery Wiedmann”. Wiedmann’s passion, however, was ecclesiastical painting. In doing so, again and again he rose to new challenges. He created his own artistic style which he called Polycon, made up of multiple panels comprised of geometric forms that overlap.
They intertwine and complement each other. The different compositions create pictures within pictures, which can be perpetuated endlessly. His vision was the creation of a complete, illustrated Bible in his Polycon painting style as a continuous visual narrative. The result was the Wiedmann Bible. Willy Wiedmann was also very involved in social activities. In 2002, he was awarded the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Wiedmann Gallery

Birthplace of Wiedmann Bible
In years of active work, Willy Wiedmann saved the old 16th century farmhouse from decay. In 1964, he opened the gallery, which he called “Gallerie am Jakobsbrunnen” (Gallery at Jacob’s Well) at that time. In 1984, it became the birthplace of a one of a kind Bible – the Wiedmann Bible.
„Perhaps the one or the other will be able to feel God’s glory and directive through the images, or whether they find consolationor admonition keeping them in their spirit. Then the artist’s work assignment would be justified.“
– Willy Wiedmann