The Wiedmann Bible on YouVersion

With over 400 Million users, YouVersion is the most successful Bible App worldwide and the Wiedmann Bible is a part of it.

“We are so grateful you choose to share great content with our community and partner with us to encourage and challenge people to seek intimacy with God every day. We hope you celebrate this incredible milestone and remember that your effort is impacting the world!”
Forgiveness Sets You Free

Do you want to be free from bitterness as well as physical and mental stress? Then start forgiving! Forgiveness is one of the hardest commands. To forgive doesn’t mean to forget but to free yourself from the person who wronged you, by changing your feelings and attitude. This plan helps find your inner peace. Free yourself from anger by forgiving others and start living a life of joy and happiness.
God’s Got Your Back: Find your Strength
Do you feel weak, overwhelmed or exhausted? No matter if you are the leader of a team, have lost sight of your goals or purpose in life. We all fight those struggles from time to time. Free yourself from anxiety and despair. This Bible plan helps you find strength through God’s word. Experience His power that will get you through hard times and lead you to joy and happiness.